Quality and Care

100% Merino wool
  • Machine washable (on the wool setting)
  • water 85ºF (30ºC)
  • avoid twisting, just light wringing
  • dry flat
Merino wool is prized throughout the world for its quality, purity and softness. It's amazing properties mean it 'breathes' better than any other material, keeping your baby/child warm in the cold and cool in the heat, making it the perfect choice in all seasons and environments.
Keep in mind that when washing, the product should not stay in the water for long, avoid twisting, just light wringing. When unfolding the product for drying on a smooth, absorbent surface, it may appear that the product has lost its shape. Do not be frightened, you need to accurately decompose the product, align the edge of the product, the sleeves and when dried, the merino will become elastic and springy.